Okay, so here’s the thing….. there are people that cross ones path in life that hit you square in the heart and make you happy. This lady is one of them. And it’s not hard to see why when she smiles (which she always does). This is the second time Josie and I have collaborated and, according to me, she should spend the rest of her days in front of a lens….preferably mine….she’s an absolute natural!!

So Jose, as I sit here in a freezing cold rainy Hamburg, you’ve crossed continents with your smile and made my day once again. Thank you for the 3 hours spent by the pool with a bottle of Tokara. Can;t wait to see you again!

Thank you to the oh-so-lovely Peach Cronje for perfecting the hair and makeup and for spending a wonderful afternoon with us. And to Cindy Bam for letting us use her gown…in the sand and wind.

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