First off, I huge thanks to the team who made this vision into a beautiful reality! I loved working with all of you and hope to do so soon again!

And thank you to Susanne from Hochzeitsguide for the feature. And because the words she used in her post ring so true, I will use them here:

“Prestigious and glamorous. Gold and white. Moroccan and African. This is where cultures come together that obviously belong together.

Moroccan Playful elegance meets South African grounded naturalness. Ornaments melt with sturdy wood, gleaming opulence meets restrained simplicity, oriental lanterns meet flickering candle light.

A young couple, sensual and beautiful, enjoys some moments of deserted togetherness. Familiar, smitten und lost in thoughts they revel in mutual wealth of love that outshines the estate´s splendor.

Obviously effortlessly photographer Natalie Shelton and designer Cindy of Salt + Stone created a symbiosis of two countries that could not be more diverse.

We are fascinated how harmonically and self-evidently the consolidation seems on the amazing pictures shot by the talented photographer.” – Susanne Schuhmann

I miss home every time I look at these images. I’m so in love with Africa and the beauty is holds!

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Natalie Shelton Photography
CAKE: Magnolia Cake and Bake
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Lynn Hoff
LOCATION: Red Ivory Lodge
GARMENT: Arwen Garmentry
MODELS: Liam & Chantelle from G3 models